Your financial future should bring you peace, knowing you are prepared for a full life and a fulfilling retirement. If, instead, your financial future fills you with anxiety, consider working with a partner like Bulldog Advisors to create a solid plan to maximize your wealth. We do this through planning, investing and managing your assets.


Understanding and Improving Your “Wealth”


While the traditional thought process is to view wealth as a dollar amount you achieve or fall short of, at Bulldog Advisors, we encourage you to view wealth as a length of time—specifically the amount of years you can enjoy without working or compromising your living standards. In short, wealth is freedom.


To help you achieve this freedom, we offer several financial planning services, with a focus on taxes, asset location, rebalancing, and behavioral coaching. These services are customized to you, based on your personalized risk tolerance. By ensuring your financial comfort, we can create a portfolio that will ultimately help achieve your financial dreams.


If you are ready to set financial goals that will allow you to retire safely, save for your children's future or buy a home, let Bulldog Advisors assist you with our expertise and personalized services.

Investment Management

While you may want to jump into investing—or steer clear of it—we can help you determine an effective plan by first determining your risk tolerance, time horizon, and future needs. These insights help Bulldog Advisors handpick the right combination of low-fee investments and then optimize the asset locations. And we never set-it-and-forget-it; we carefully monitor your investments to ensure your money is working as hard as you are.



Even professional athletes use personal trainers. They know that having someone there to push them even harder will help them achieve their greatest potential. Through behavioral coaching and our financial planning process, we develop an initial plan customized to your wealth goals and personalized needs, then adjust that plan as your life goals change.



Your advanced degree helped achieve success in your career, allowing you to contribute to your future wealth goals. But it may have also put you in debt with an interest rate that is too high, costing you thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Bulldog Advisors reviews your loan and helps you refinance with a potentially lower rate and more beneficial repayment period. We can also help set up an effective 529 savings plan for your children’s future education.



Social Security has become increasingly complex and is a large component of most retirement plans. By helping our clients make the right decisions on when to take their benefits, we can help them to possibly get tens of thousands of additional dollars in retirement.

Discover how Bulldog Advisor’s financial planning services can help you extend your wealth and freedom—contact Bulldog Advisors today.