The Bulldog Advisors

Financial Planning Process


Bulldog Advisors was founded with the goal of helping people like you. We will never sell you products or services that are not beneficial to you and your financial wellbeing.


Our proven process helps us develop a plan to help you protect your family and assets, grow your wealth, and retire comfortably.


Our Promise to You

Developed over several years, our process allows us to make you these promises:

  • Low-cost, tax-efficient choices: We use low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), which often have an expense ratio under .10 percent.
  • Clear fees based on assets under management: We want to be your long-term financial partner. Instead of charging high commissions, our business grows only when your portfolio grows. Our technology helps us analyze data and make recommendations, all at a lower cost.
  • Simple, one-page explanations: You need to fully understand your portfolio, not be left scratching your head. We believe that full education and understanding is a better strategy than pretending to be the “man behind the curtain.”

How We Do It

Our one-of-a-kind financial planning process ensures your portfolio is set up and managed in the most efficient and rewarding way possible:

  1. Listen: An open mind is paramount in providing you a customized solution for your portfolio. We never start with preconceived solutions, as one size rarely fits all. During this preliminary step, we gather information about your financial goals and use our free Risk Score software to evaluate your risk tolerance.
  2. Analyze: The data produced in Step 1 helps us create a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This “roadmap” encompasses the entirety of your financials, so you can maximize your returns.
  3. Create: Here we dig into the details—how much to save, where to save it and how to invest it. We attempt to “future proof” your portfolio by correctly understanding your risk and tolerance, and designing the proper plan for It is important to note that we are not tied to any firm or product, so we can develop creative solutions to overcome even the most challenging financial hurdles.
  4. Explain: We know the market will fluctuate. By building an understanding of how your portfolio will work, it allows our partnership to strengthen, even through periods of market turbulence.
  5. Execute: With your plan fully understood and agreed upon, we then open the correct accounts and carefully allocate the securities to prevent any possible over taxation. We streamline the onboarding process so you can focus on what’s important—your family and career.
  6. Monitor: We constantly track the global economy and any tax legislation that will impact your savings. You will receive monthly communications with recommendations and reminders to keep your portfolio in healthy standing. We also meet with you twice a year to plan for life events, such as marriage, children, and career changes and adjust your plan accordingly.

See how our proven process can work for you—contact Bulldog Advisors today.