My 7 Free Round Trip Tickets to NYC



Having student loan debt can make it tough to travel, but if you employ the right strategies, you can save a ton of money. If student loans are controlling your life, head here to see if we can help.



Living in Pittsburgh can make it tough to take advantage of great flight deals since these flights usually originate in larger cities. Being able to get to major hubs like New York and Atlanta cheaply allows me to still be able to take advantage of deals like these: $237 to Auckland and $250 to Stockholm.


This allows me to spend time with my fur niece and nephew.
I also get to spend time with my fur niece and nephew.


Delta and American Express are currently offering a 50,000-mile sign up bonus on their personal and business gold card after you spend $2,000 each within the first three months! Both cards also offer a $50 statement credit when you make a Delta purchase within the first three months which will cover the taxes and fees of your flight. Plus, you get priority boarding and a free first checked bag for up to four people; a value of up to $200 per roundtrip flight!


I got both cards and met the spend minimum and a little extra and ended up with over 105,000 miles. Since each flight is 15,000 miles and $11.20 in taxes and fees, combining the signup bonuses and the statement credit covers 7 flights!


Cristal is ~15,000 in the lounge if you'd prefer that.
Cristal is ~15,000 in the lounge if you’d prefer that.


The annual fee for both cards is $0 for the first year, and then $95 per year after that.


You can apply to the personal version of the card here:



You can apply to the business version of the card here:


Do I need a business?





These strategies can be a great way to save money on travel if you have to make purchases, but getting into a habit of, “Oh I get points so I might as well spend the money” can easily land you in a lot of high-interest debt. Please be careful and smart if you decide to use these. I do get a referral bonus if you sign up for either of these cards.


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