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B.A. Economics, Yale University
M.B.A. Finance, Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon

        Bulldog Advisors was founded because there is currently a disconnect in the world of financial advising. “Advisors” at large financial institutions may be making recommendations to clients based on their commissions, pressures to bring in new money, and management directives - regardless of whether or not these products align with the client’s best interests. Advisors should not be selling the recommendations of people that do not have a personal interest in you; in fact, advisors shouldn't be "selling" at all. At Bulldog Advisors we provide recommendations that we believe to be the best for your situation. Our strategies are provided to every client no matter what their assets under management are. We look to be a new breed of wealth managers who build relationships that last a lifetime.




The fiduciary duty requires an investment advisor, by law, to act in the best interest of their clients. They must put their clients’ interests ahead of their own at all times. An investment advisor, subject to the fiduciary duty, is required to provide up-front disclosures to the client before any contracts are signed to provide investment advice.  These disclosures cover important topics such as the investment advisor’s qualifications, services provided, compensation, range of fees, methods of analysis, record of any disciplinary actions, and possible conflicts of interest, if any.

If someone is managing your wealth, they should act in your best interest.